Thinking of an Outdoor Cinema in 2018

Did you do an Open Air Cinema last year? Are you looking for new event ideas this year? Wanna do an Outdoor Cinema in 2018?

Heres our take on the whole situation.

Lets start with that you did one last year – Thats GREAT, the first one is always hard to pull off, lots of time, effort and expense. I always say to my clients ONE THING… Aim for the amount of tickets that you break even at, so for example if thats 140 tickets then mentally prepare your self to get that amount of tickets, Anything above is a bonus! Plus once you’ve done one event you’ve started building a network now that you could work on and start doing it annually.

Lets say this is your first Outdoor Cinema in 2018 event – Don’t worry, its not a stressful thing to organise, especially with us by your side. We run our own events company called open Air Film & Chill, so we know what it takes to run an event and try to make it successful. We have lots of ideas, some even require hardly any money to put in at first. We have 4 different size screens and we are very sure we have one that will fit your needs.

The Open Sky, the Big Outdoor Screen, Your favourite movie

There is nothing like a chat on the phone in more detail though, which we have no problem in doing. We will go through so much that at the end of it, we are confident that your know everything there is to know about running an Outdoor Cinema Experience. Therefore you can go away and think of all your options and you can decide how and if you wanna move on to the next step.

Then you soon will be having an event like the picture above which is at The National Botanic Garden of Wales on Halloween this year, Halloween screenings are always a nervous time for us because the weather can be unpredictable BUT this year we pulled off a couple including a screening in the middle of a forest showing a classic Horror movie.

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