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Mo Davies standing in front of a big led screen hire
Mo Davies


Mo Davies is the owner of HighRise Projections and LOVES Big LED Screen Hire, He and his team have done over 1000 events from Culzean Castle in Scotland to TheO2.

Mo embarks on a path to enable you to receive the best inflatable or LED Screen Hire experience possible, Anyone that has met Mo knows he’s very passionate about every event that he goes to. He craves nothing but the ultimate audience experience for.

Every client says that when he’s personally at their event, he brings life into it, he’s a confident person and has no problem going on the pa system to get the crowd going. 

Based in Hereford there is no place that Mo & his team can’t travel to or set up. Highrise Projections are always pushing the limits and being diverse when it comes to the equipment we have and use in the Big LED Screen Hire.

The way people perceive an outdoor cinema for example is an experience they will never forget-and that’s what WE give them.

In today’s world, it’s evident that outdoor cinema experiences have come a long way from their humble beginnings.

Although it’s unfortunate to see some companies still offering low-quality options, reminiscing about the past nostalgia is undeniable. The tensioned cloth screens add a touch of magic to the experience, and it’s essential not to forget about the importance of a quality outdoor cinema screen.

Fortunately, Mo is an exception. He is straightforward, honest, and reliable, providing an exceptional service that takes you back to the golden age of outdoor cinema. Regardless of the size of the event, Mo delivers his services with professionalism and dedication to creating long-lasting relationships with his clients.

His provision of a big LED screen hire or a small projector is always an adequate reminder of the simpler times and the foundations of outdoor cinema.