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About High Rise Projections:

Highrise Projections owner Mo Davies
Mo Davies is the owner of HighRise Projections

(A pretty cool chap), who loves things that are unique. UK Outdoor Cinema Hire is not something you hear of everyday. So Mo embarked on a path to enable you to receive the best UK Outdoor Cinema Hire experience you would only normally get in the USA. Anyone that has met Mo knows he’s very passionate about every event that he goes to. He craves nothing but the ultimate audience experience for outdoor cinema hire. Based in Hereford there is no place that Mo & his team can’t travel to or set up.

High Rise Projections are always pushing the limits and being diverse when it comes to the equipment we have and use in the UK Outdoor Cinema Hire market. The way people perceive the outdoor cinema is an experience they will never forget-and that’s what we give them. Sadly there are so many companies out there setting up “cheap” Open Air Mobile Cinemas with either little screens or screens that are so bad for viewing purposes they need ironing. My worst pet hate though is a sound system that i wouldn’t even put in my car.

That’s why a lot of places/events tend not to mention the details about the inflatable outdoor cinema screen, and then personally i feel it spoils the chance of the customer having the real outdoor cinema hire experience.

How can we help?

Well, I pride myself in being real and talking normal about the whole Hire of this equipment, I talk in depth about it so please allow a while when we speak on the phone. Your event is my event and i take pride in my work. I want nothing more than to see your event succeed and i will go above and beyond to bring satisfaction to the people that attend. Get in touch today!