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Our Mobile Screen hire is perfect for all indoor & outdoor events that require a screen big or small, with a quick setup time, one of our screens will be perfect for your event. We have screens from 2m to 10m and all the AV equipment in-between.

With 10 years of Knowledge we’ve been trusted by CokeCola, National trusts, Many councils, Rugby Council is just one of them and even film makers (we actually worked with David Schwimmer (you know that dude from friends), here is some behind the scenes footage) All in all, of these and many more clients trust us to make sure all their AV requirements are taking care of.

A few quick points about the Mobile Screen Hire:

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Here are some examples of costings, the extras are on top, should they be needed, We can provide them but they will be extra. Each quote will be different due to travel and logistics. All of the examples below are Inflatable Screens that are Projection led, for Screens that work in the day, head over to LED Screens.

Inflatable Mobile Screen Hire

These type of screens are very easy and versatile and can really be put anywhere and with a blower attached they can inflate within minutes. Can fully be setup within 1hour.

They come in different sizes, the largest being 10m wide x 5m tall, and is staked down by4 x 600mm stakes.

They have a wind rating of about 20mph gusts, so placement off the screen can be crucial.

The projector will need to sit about 13m out to blow up the image on the screen, no-one can sit within this area.

Can only be shown at night.

If your on a budget and want a big screen this is for you.

LED Mobile Screen Hire

These type of screens are built on a trussing structure, which takes time to construct, a smaller LED screen can be setup within 2-3 hours, a larger one we tend to build the day before,

These can be built to whatever size is needed, largest being 8m x 4m and on grass is staked down by 8 x 1200mm stakes.

Wind resistance is much higher on these screens as its on a Temporary structure, 43mph gusts.

These are double/triple the price of Inflatable screens but they can work in the daylight, much more scope to work with like advertising material on it.

10m x 5m Inflatable Mobile Screen Hire

3.5m x 1.5m

8m x 4m

10m x 5m