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Our LED Screen hire is perfect for all outdoor events that require a screen that can be seen outside in daylight. With the latest LED technology it looks super bright and brilliant under any scenarios outside and even in direct sunlight. Speak to our team today to arrange your big screen hire.

A few quick points about LED Screen Hire:

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When you hire LED Screen’s, expect them to make a mark at your event, from the right content and exposure the screen is a fantastic tool to showcase your sponsors and make an impact with on screen digital branding.

The height of the screen means it can be ground mounted to get higher wind resistance on it, in the same time elevating on screen content, we can pretty much build the structure to what ever size you want indoors or outdoors.

We also work with partners to get a full promotional banner wrap around the screen which is great for brand exposure.

Here are some examples of costings, the extras are on top, should they be needed, We can provide them but they will be extra. Each quote will be different due to travel and logistics. All of the examples below are LED Screen Hire and are built on a truss structure. Picture below is when we provided AV solutions to RVT Tractors.

LED Screen Hire bristol

8m x 4m

2.5m x 1.5m

4m x 2m

6m x 3m

LED Screen Hire in different sizes

LED Screen Hire Dudley

This high res LED Screen has a 3.9mm pitch which is perfect for conferences, Small Events, Advertising boards and Information boards at events. Coming in at 6000 nits, this super bright LED Screen will turn heads at your event. The Small mobile led screen hire price starts from £1100 plus vat for a days hire.

Small LED Screen Specs

This outdoor led screen, can be used as an indoor led screen also, with all of it fitting inside a LWB van. This is the most average led screen to be hired from us and is very popular with exhibition and events. The 18sqm LED Screen Hire starts from £2500 plus vat

Medium LED Screen Specs

This Big hire LED screen hire provides a massive viewing area, can be raised to 7m high, and with its high resolution – turning heads is what this screen is all about. With a high wind resistance of 42mph in its lowered position, complete with structural reports, this large LED Screen can be built virtually anywhere, coming to site on 2 LWB vans, Construction of this screen can be 4-6 hours and is typically built the day before for testing purposes. This huge led screen is popular festivals, drive in cinemas, large concerts, Outdoor Cinemas, and lots more.

This 32sqm Big led screen hire starts from £3500 plus vat

Large LED Screen Specs